Complete Arsenal of IT Services from a Professional IT Outsourcing Company

You’ve had it. Your business has grown to the point where you need IT support, and you are weighing the options of hiring your own IT tech or outsourcing. Or maybe your IT tech has driven you so crazy that the only option left to you is outsourcing. Or then again, perhaps you have a great IT tech, but she simply can’t handle everything on her own, and you want to outsource the IT services and promote her to IT manager to interface with the outsourced team.

Whatever the case may be, you’re are trying to find the best of the best when it comes to IT Services, and let us assure you, you’ve finally found us. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with personalized IT support seattle.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this overview of our IT services.

IT Outsourcing Services Provided by PacketDrivers

We provide full IT services; computer and server support, remote network monitoring, data backup, IT repair, virus software, business continuity planning, network security, disaster recovery, information on new technology, including its implementation and management.

Whatever it was that you were expecting from your IT tech, we can do it. And to be honest, you will likely find that we can do it better here at IT Consulting Seattle.

Computer and server support

In order to achieve optimized desktop performance, regular maintenance and monitoring of your business’ computers is required. Proper initial configuration is critical to ensuring that problems don’t occur. However, inevitably, some problems will arise. In these situations, innovative solutions and effective troubleshooting will address these problems and keep them from constantly recurring.

Remote network monitoring

Integral components of a network, such as servers and firewalls, require consistent monitoring. PacketDrivers works hard to ensure that any problems are dealt with quickly and in such a way that does not allow for recurring issues. Furthermore, our automatic alert systems allow us to catch any issues before they cause a significant impact to network performance that could otherwise negatively affect business operations.

All of these activities are specifically designed to minimize network downtime and keep your business running smoothly.

Technology evaluation and planning

Oftentimes, business or IT support freelancers will use an “ad-hoc” approach to IT fixes – with no long term plan or strategic approach whatsoever. We view that as a waste of time and money. Instead, we strive to develop and maintain a strong system that functions proficiently. Prevention is better than reaction.

IT Business Continuity Protection

The importance of business data cannot be overstated. Whether data is being lost due to small localized problems, or whether a major disaster has wreaked havoc on your database, it is vital for businesses to recover lost data and to keep it safe in the future.

A software disaster can be the reason a business goes under. According to the US Bureau of Labor, 93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years.

Here at PacketDrivers we are skilled in business continuity and disaster recovery planning that we can individually customize to fit your business needs. Not only will we be well-prepared for the worst, we also ‘bullet proof’ your mission-critical data files and set up firewalls to further protect you.

Don’t be a statistic.

IT Security

Protection against viruses and hackers is a growing concern among businesses these days, and with good reason. Moreover, hackers can more easily attack smaller networks, making small companies an even more appealing target for sabotage.

Many industries, the healthcare sector in particular, are under heavy fire when it comes to protecting their patients’ information and practice data. Weakness in such networks is not an option. Our software security structures are especially geared to protect HIPAA related documentation while navigating the complex issues of the Electronic Medical Records.

It’s the responsibility of an IT outsourcing company to keep your networks secure with best-practice, cutting-edge protection. Ensuring that your systems have top-of-the-line spam and firewall management will keep your business well protected from hackers and their viruses.

Cloud Services

Collaboration and connectivity is imperative to the modern business. Our cloud services give you the power to share, edit, and publish documents in a unified and secure system. This improves business communication and efficacy, increases daily work capacity, and enhances the teamwork capabilities of your employees. It is also enormously cost-effective.

The best part is that because these services are hosted by our experts here at PacketDrivers, and you won’t be bothered with the management, maintenance, or even keeping track of the equipment (office technology, mobile devices, home computers, etc.) that keeps it all flowing smoothly.

Email Protection

Spam emails, phishing, viruses, and malware—all of this slows down your production and opens up avenues for problems in your system. Our services can actually help you establish an email security system that can put a stop of SPAM, viruses, worms, and other email-borne malware before it even hits your inbox.

Additionally, we provide an archiving systems that helps to organize, preserve and access emails more easily, while enhancing operational efficiencies.

We’ve spent years researching methods, redefining success, listening to criticisms and honing our skills. From that we’ve been able to compile an arsenal of IT services that will undoubtedly encompass every conceivable IT need.

It’s time that IT support stopped being a headache and a crutch for your business. It’s time that your IT team started helping move your business forward, making you more effective, more efficient, more protected, and a more profitable business.

It’s time to give us a call to talk about PacketDrivers becoming your new IT team.

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